Pet Walking


     This is the most popular service that Luxury Walks offer's. We spend 20-30 minutes with your dog taking them for a walk so they can use the bathroom and get some fresh air and exercise. During the hotter months we prefer not to be outside with the pets too long for their own safety, we often opt. for indoor playtime to exercise. If your dog needs more exercise, then we offer to take them to a local dog park where they can run around and socialize for an extended period of time.

     If you’d like our dog walking services on a weekly basis we offer discount packages. If you want 4 or more walks per week these packages will best suit you. The walks must be used within 7 days.

Prices are based Per 1 Pet, additional pricing may vary.

 Standard Walk   $20.00 


Ready for your Pet Walking?

     We look forward to hearing from you, to schedule a meet & greet or book your service feel free to call us at (813) 940-9883 or email us at We cant wait to meet you and your pets! You can get started by filling out the New Client Form!

     Luxury Walks offers a wide variety of pet care services to meet the special needs of your pet within the Tampa, Florida area. If you're a current client and you want to share the Luxury Walks love with a furry friend, you can receive a $20.00 Credit towards your next service when you refer a friend who books a service with us!


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