Over Night Stay

 Luxury Walks Over Night Stay South Tampa

      All of our Luxury Walk Over Night Stay options include walks, love, snuggles, fresh water & food, playtime, outside exercise, video and photo updates through-out the day! Our team of professionals at Luxury Walks is kept very small and intimate.  This is great because your furry loved one won't have to get accustomed to multiple sitters like many other establishments. A mandatory meet and greet with your Pet Sitter is required prior to your service. This will allow your Luxury Walks Pet Sitter to interact with you and your pet to see just how much they will love spending time with us. If you’d prefer to drop your pet off with us we also can accommodate that too.

Drop Off/ Pick-up South Tampa location- This can be at any time of the day, but pick-ups following an overnight stay are scheduled for 9:00 A.m. (Holiday Price May vary)!

Food- If you forgot to bring your dogs food we can gladly pick it up for you at the store for an additional charge.

Overnights- We offer free range care no kenneling unless requested by the owner. 

Cage Sizes - Small, Medium, Large 



Pet Sitting Starting At $65.00 Per Night (1 Pet)
Extended/Late Pick up Starting At $30.00
Transportation Starting At $30.00 - 60.00


Ready for to Book your Pets Over Night Stay? 

     We look forward to hearing from you, to schedule a meet & greet or book your service feel free to call us at (813) 940-9883 or email us at luxurywalks@gmail.com. We cant wait to meet you and your pets! You can get started by filling out the New Client Form!

     Luxury Walks offers a wide variety of pet care services to meet the special needs of your pet within the Tampa, Florida area. If you're a current client and you want to share the Luxury Walks love with a furry friend, you can receive a $10.00 credit towards your next service when you refer a friend who books a service with us!

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