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Luxury Walks Mission

     We at Luxury Walks want to give people the same feeling, a sense of relief and comfort, like they never really left their furry loved ones at all! What sets Luxury Walks apart from all the other pet care services is that I give round the clock updates via text, snapchat, video and many other platforms. we have eyes and ears on all our our pets at luxury walks at all times to ensure everyone is safe and  I give my clients the option to choose whether they'd like their pup to sleep in the comfort of a bed or a kennel. I have made my entire home pet friendly, allowing ample free roaming space in the back yard and inside the house.  I have set my schedules in a way that provides the upmost care and attention to each dog. Unlike many places that have multiple caregivers I will be the only one taking care of the animals at all times.  My pup needs constant attention, belly rubs, and playtime. Therefor in my home theres is nothing but playtime, treats, and belly rubs!


Owner: Sasha Kelly

This Is Perfect For Me.
After working for years in the food service industry, it was a living but not what I wanted to do forever. I found myself pondering my future. I found that, over the years, I most enjoyed and found deep satisfaction caring for friend and family's pets when they needed a sitter. Having a fur baby myself who means the world to me I embraced their pets as my own. They were so happy and relieved with the level of care I was providing. Receiving regular updates and pictures seeing their fur babies happy, playing and loved. They all expressed joy and relief.  I realized this could be THE opportunity to not only do what I loved, build a business, be my own boss, but most importantly provide a level of comfort and security that every pet owner wants and needs.  After looking into building this type of business I was sure-this is my future! I provide hands on focused care of each and every client as if they're my own fur baby.  I continue to learn what pet owners want and tie that into my service plan. Continuing to grow and better myself and my business is a challenging journey, for sure, but I love every second of it.

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