How often should your pup get a dental cleaning

Lets start with at whats age should you start getting your pups teethed cleaned. Average age to Strat cleanings is about 6-7 years old. And yearly after that. But this really also all depends on you and what your care for them is at home. Does your pups have teeth cleaning toys and chews? Do you Brush their teeth? The food you feed them etc. all these can help you have to get less cleanings. Also the breed may be a factor to, a lot of the time smaller breeds will need to start getting cleanings at about age 2. But your vet is more than happy to check them for you and let you know. Why is it important to get a cleaning done? Believe it or not about 85% of dogs will get dental disease if their teeth are not properly taken care of. Shocking!! Right? Thus can cause the decay of you dogs gums and teeth and bones. Cause chronic pain. And even cause major issue you your dogs major organs. I suggest starting a regular brushing at home at about 6 moths of age. I personally love deer antlers when it come to home chewing but make sure you get a good one or chew toy in general they are pricy but worth it for a good one you don’t want a chew toy that is going to fracture or splinter off. Thats for a different day, different discussion :)

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